If KLAR’s Bronze windows were installed in a home today and a hundred years from now that house was being demolished, the Bronze windows would be taken out, saved, and installed again on a new home.  This is the longevity and beauty of KLAR’s Bronze windows & doors.  

KLAR’s Bronze windows & doors are not only custom, but handmade by professionals, and can be regarded as art.  Bronze windows fit into the larger category of KLAR’s steel products, and so can be used throughout the entire project or as an architectural focal point.  Like steel, the strength of bronze allows for narrow sight lines and are highly customizable.   

For traditional or historic projects, KLAR’s Bronze are an excellent choice because it is truly an authentic material used in construction for thousands of years and therefore can be reminiscent of whatever time period you are trying to achieve.  Bronze also takes its place among the best modern homes, because the strength of the material allows it to weather the toughest conditions, such as by the ocean or in the mountains, where many contemporary homes are built.  A lot more can be said, but to understand and appreciate it, Bronze should be seen, and touched, in person at our showroom.

For a truly unique and specific project, that cannot accept imitation, and must unconditionally last, KLAR’s Bronze is your best choice.


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