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Strength, durability, style and sustainability are the characteristics best describing KLAR Studio’s aluminum products.  The strength of this material allows KLAR to offer our clients large windows, doors, and facade systems that can support wide expanses of glass to add natural light and beauty to any project.  The natural resilience of aluminum makes our products an excellent choice for any environment and offers a low maintenance solution especially when exposed to harsh elements found near the coast or high elevations.

Available in a plethora of colors and designs, these products can be tailored to match any architectural style from modern to traditional.  Our minimal sight line products in particular offer very slender frames to allow more glass and visibility, consider our Vision Series for modern designs.  While our Ferroline and Industrial systems are reminiscent of the old steel windows used in many factories and mansions built during the turn of the century.

In addition, our aluminum systems offer some of the most energy efficient products on the market.  When it comes to thermal insulation, cutting edge designs including our thermal break, makes our base models such as the 70 and 86 Series a vast improvement to many of the traditional windows offered in the USA.  Our most efficient model, the 104 Series, surpasses even Passive House standards.  The chemical properties of aluminum itself allows it to be recycled an infinite amount of times, making it one of the most sustainable products available.  Consider aluminum to help reduce your carbon footprint.

When the project calls for style and efficiency to be met on budget, consider KLAR’s aluminum windows and doors for a solution.

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